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Ellwood Specialty Metals Mexico is part of the Ellwood Specialty Steel umbrella of companies, and provides the tooling industry with a variety of quality tool, mold and die steel products.  End markets include tools for plastic molding, plastic extrusion, die casting, forging, aluminum extrusion, and stamping industries.  Other applications involve engineered components where the properties of tool steels are required.

ESM is a fully integrated producer of a wide range of specialty tool steels.  ESM ExEll grades are made with advanced steelmaking capabilities which include a ultra-high-powered electric arc furnace with subsequent state-of-the-art ladle refining and vacuum degassing equipment for the most complete and modern ladle metallurgy technology.

Steelmaking expertise and capability is further enhanced from a long forging history with optimum forging and heat treating practices to develop very special material characteristics of product uniformity, cleanliness, machinability, polishability, strength, toughness, hardenability and other steel properties.  All this from production facilities certified to ISO 9002.

In addition to carbon and alloy products, ESM also stocks aluminum plate and cast block.           

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