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Located in Corry, Pennsylvania, Corry Forge Company was chartered in February 2003 as a manufacturing subsidiary of Ellwood City Forge.

CFC operates a 2000 ton open-die forging press, as well as 8,000 and 12,000 pound forging hammers. The facility specializes in producing disks, hubs, rotors, shafts and related products for manufacturers in a wide variety of industries such as power generation and gearing. Rods, hollow parts, nozzles and similar parts are routinely manufactured for Navy Nuclear and Commercial nuclear programs.

In addition, CFC has expanded capabilities to service the Land Based Gas Turbine market, becoming the premium provider of critical rotor shafts and disks to major power generation customers.

The Advanced Heat Treatment Facility offers the most sophisticated level of precision and process control of highly-engineered open-die forged components in North America. This state-of-the-art investment delivers the highest level of reliability, repeatability, and documentation for post-forge processing through an integrated material handling, performance monitoring and process auditing system.

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