Ellwood National Crankshaft Cleveland


About Ellwood National Crankshaft Cleveland

Ellwood National Crankshaft Services, located in Cleveland, Ohio, is exclusively a forging facility for new crankshafts for medium speed engines in the 800 to 6000 horsepower range.   These engines are used in a variety of applications including diesel-electric locomotives, marine use for propulsion and auxiliary power generation, stationary power, and gas compression.

ENCC provides additional forging capacity for ENC to meet customer demand.  The unique forging process results in outstanding near-finished size crankshafts.  The 4000-ton multi-directional H-press is used primarily to produce continuous grain flow crankshafts.  It also has the capability of forging components through upsetting, back extrusion, and offsetting to nearly-finished shape.

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Ellwood National Crankshaft Services
777 East 79th Street
Cleveland, OH 44103