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Ellwood Crankshaft and Machine

Located in Hermitage, Pennsylvania, Ellwood Crankshaft and Machine is the world’s leading manufacturer of large, one-of-a-kind, multiple-throw crankshafts.  ECM is capable of producing crankshafts to 35 feet in length with weights of more than 60,000 pounds.  Crankshafts and eccentrics are used in mechanical stamping presses, reciprocating air and gas compressors, reciprocating pumps, engines, mechanical shears, rock crushers, homogenizers and other miscellaneous applications.

ECM also produces finished machined concentric shafts and rolls such as large industrial fan shafts, specialty rolling mill rolls for tables, levelers and edgers, solid four and six pole motor and generator shafts, tie and strain rods, and extension shafts used in integral compressor/engines.

Facilities cover more than 1-1/3 acres under roof and contain more than 35 major machine tools.  All plant activities are controlled by a sophisticated scheduling system that is designed to shrink lead times and help achieve the industry's best delivery performance.

ECM's expertise extends beyond large-part, tight-tolerance machining—offering customer solutions.  Based on the part application, ECM uses their vast technical knowledge to help customers select the right material and mechanical properties. 

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