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About Ellwood National Steel

Ellwood National Steel is located in Irvine, Pennsylvania, and was chartered in the spring of 2005 as an extension of Ellwood Quality Steels' manufacturing capabilities.  Utilizing the engineering and steelmaking know-how from EQS, the facility was constructed to meet the ever increasing demands of customers by providing high quality, low cost carbon and low alloy steel ingots to the forging industry.  

ENS continues to expand capabilities to serve customers.  The ENS melt shop features a robust 50 ton electric arc furnace with spout tap.  A ladle furnace was added in 2007 and a Vacuum Oxygen Decarburization (VOD) unit was added in 2013. The VOD unit allows for the production of low carbon stainless steel ingots for forging, ring rolling and as electrodes for VAR and ESR remelting.   

Carbon, alloy, and stainless steels are produced in melt heats from 36 to 52 tons.  Bottom poured, straight sided, fluted cylindrical and tapered big end up ingots are available to 63 inches in diameter.  ENS shared an ingot mold inventory with Ellwood Quality Steels thus providing access to numerous ingot sizes.   

Every phase of the steelmaking system at ENS is highly monitored and closely controlled using a quality control system identical to EQS.  Repeatability of precise alloy content for specific grades allows customers to achieve consistent heat-treated mechanical properties from one heat to the next.  The success of the steelmaking team and Quality System is demonstrated by receiving ISO 9001:2000 certification in September 2006. 

With this world class steelmaking technology, ENS can produce high quality steel quickly and efficiently, meeting demanding customer requirements.  

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