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Ellwood Mill Products

Located in New Castle, Pennsylvania, Ellwood Mill Products is a manufacturing subsidiary of Ellwood City Forge.  With over 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space under roof, EMP has open-die forging, heat treatment, and machining capabilities to handle the largest forgings that are produced by ECF-- up to 110,000 pounds.  EMP's close proximity to EGI business unit, Ellwood Quality Steels, allows the receipt of ingots hot via an in-house transfer car thus eliminating the need for outside transportation.

A mobile manipulator capable of lifting 150,000 pounds transfers ingots from the heating furnace to the press. EMP's 5000 Ton pull-down press has four columns and a moving crosshead.  Two separate locations are available for heat treatment and include 100,000 gallon water and polymer quench tanks.

EMP’s machine shop is structured to handle large forgings.  The new FAT-HACO lathe is capable of machining forgings up to 866 inches long with 118 inches of swing.  Forgings up to 200,000 pounds can be machined.  There are 3 planar mills, 2 engine lathes for rough machining shafts up to 580 inches long, and 4 band saws able to cut up to 60 inches.

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Ellwood Mill Products
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