Oil and Gas


How EGI Serves the Oil & Gas Industry

Ellwood Group, Incorporated business unit companies produce parts for many aspects of the oil and gas industry. Components are used for surface and subsea oil and gas production as well as petrochemical and refining. Some of the parts produced include:

  • Top Drive Components
  • Single, Dual, and Triple Bore Blowout Preventers (BOP)
  • Annular Blowout Preventers (BOP)
  • Frac Blocks
  • Mud Pump Blocks
  • Compressor Blocks
  • Spool Bodies
  • Keel Joints
  • Tension Joints
  • Subsea Components
  • Crank Arms
  • Mud Pump Cases
  • Slurry Pump Components including:
    • Cover Plates, Frame Plates and Suction Covers
  • Pump and Compressor Crankshafts
  • Tri-Cone Drill Bit Cutter
  • Dual Valve Bodies
  • Subsea Valves
  • Surface Wellhead Equipment
  • Frac Pump Flow Components
  • Y-Blocks
  • Blowout Preventer Bodies
  • Casing Head and Spools
  • Offshore Climbing Pinions
  • Pump Bodies
  • Subsea Riser Flanges
  • Subsea Tendon Connectors