The highest quality for very large open-die forgings.

About ELLWOOD Mill Products

As a member of the ELLWOOD City Forge Group, we put over 100 years of open-die forging experience to work to meet our customers’ needs with innovative solutions and dependable service. We are committed to helping our customers solve their challenges by applying our unsurpassed metallurgical know-how combined with our expertise in forging, heat treating, machining, and fabrication. With our state-of-the-art equipment and ability to flexibly adapt our processes, we offer an impressive range of custom engineered forgings in complex cross sections and sophisticated fabrications that is second to none.

Our people are our greatest strength, and we are committed to their safety and their professional growth. Because ELLWOOD backs up its long-term business outlook with continued investment in technology and equipment, our team knows it has management’s support and trust to focus on what they do best: exceed our customers’ expectations.

Product &
Service Offerings

ELLWOOD Mill Products specializes in manufacturing very large open-die forgings.

Our state-of-the-art 5,000-ton hydraulic forging press, along with 50 and 75-ton mobile manipulators, is capable of forging parts up to 110,000 pounds in lengths up to 57 feet and 140 inches in diameter. Combined with our extensive range of heat treatment furnaces and quench tanks, large lathes and milling machines capable of machining products over 72 feet long and in weights up to 200,000 pounds, in-house testing capabilities, and numerous quality certifications, ELLWOOD Mill Products is a world leader in large open-die forgings.

At ELLWOOD Mill Products, we take pride in seeing our products impact a wide range of critical industries. Whether we are producing ship shafting to propel marine transport, tooling dies that mold everything from car dashboards to consumer goods, or airplane landing gear that can absorb the impact of landing passenger jets, we know that our work keeps the world moving forward.

To learn more about ELLWOOD Mill Products and its offerings, visit www.ellwoodcityforge.com.

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