A History of Ethical
Business Conduct

The hallmark of our reputation is respect for, and compliance with, domestic and foreign laws and regulations. ELLWOOD goes further as rules of ethics and fairness guide our conduct.

Ethical Business is our Only Business

ELLWOOD employees must achieve results in the right way, complying with all applicable laws and internal company standards and policies, including company-wide standards of Business Conduct. These standards include examples of situational guidelines, conflicts of interest, and personal conduct. We require behavior to the highest standards of ethics, governed by a Compliance Officer with responsibility for oversight of such compliance. Relationships with customers and suppliers must be honest and candid. Violations of the company’s Business Conduct Policy will not be tolerated and will result in appropriate disciplinary action (up to and including possible discharge), and may result in civil action or criminal prosecution.

As a family business, ethical behavior and compliance are more than business matters. They are personal. We are committed to doing business the right way.

Conducting Business with Integrity

Compliance with domestic and foreign laws and regulations is not the only thing needed to earn and maintain a reputation for integrity. Many of the company’s activities are not the subject of laws and regulations. In these instances, rules of fairness and honor govern our conduct at all times. Every ELLWOOD employee shares the responsibility for behaving in a manner that enhances the reputation and integrity of the company. Each situation is examined under this criteria. No unethical practice can ever be justified because it is “customary” outside of the company. No performance goals should be imposed or accepted if they can be achieved only by compromising our ethical standards.

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