Frequently Asked

Do you have a question about working here at ELLWOOD? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

Compensation & Benefits

How much will I make at ELLWOOD?
Compensation varies from position to position and depends on your skills, experience, and education. ELLWOOD offers wages that, when combined with your variable pay, are at or above market as measured against the wages of our peers. Total compensation includes your pay (base wages + variable pay) and benefit programs like healthcare, life insurance, and 401(k) plans.

What benefits does ELLWOOD offer?
We care about you and want to make it as easy as possible for you to take care of yourself and your family. ELLWOOD offers you benefits to support you both at work and at home.

ELLWOOD offers a comprehensive health plan that gives you access to high-quality providers and affordable care without the restrictions of a network. What's more, the plan includes incentives when you choose high-quality, lower-cost providers. In addition, prescription drug coverage is included.

ELLWOOD helps you work towards your retirement dreams by offering a 401(k) Plan with an employer match. There is no vesting period; you are 100% vested in your contributions and our employer match.

Other Benefits
Dental, vision, and employer-paid life insurance are among the other benefits you can expect to receive at ELLWOOD.

Does ELLWOOD offer paid vacation (PTO)?
Yes! We believe in the chance to refresh and renew our bodies and minds. Time Off (PTO) includes vacation and holidays. The number of paid vacation days varies by location and generally accrues based on the number of years of employment with ELLWOOD.

Work Environment

Is there a union at ELLWOOD?
The skills and efforts of our team members are the foundation of our company. Our policy is to communicate with our team members honestly and directly, and to recognize and listen to each as individuals. A labor union is an outside party, which stands in the way of open communication between management and team members. We prefer to talk with our people directly rather than through a third party. We understand at ELLWOOD that we have to work to make this possible by offering good pay and benefits, treating people with dignity and respect, having open communication back and forth in a two-way dialogue, and having a plan for long term growth and job security.

Does ELLWOOD conduct criminal background checks and drug tests?
Yes. We feel strongly about offering a safe work environment. Therefore we conduct criminal background checks and drug testing of every applicant, as well as random drug testing of team members.


What are the shifts like when working at ELLWOOD?
The demands of our business often require that our plants operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This requires many of our team members to work a nonstandard work schedule. This may include evening or night work; a rotating shift, in which hours change regularly (e.g., from day to evening to night); and extended duty hours, consisting of long periods of work (e.g., 12 hours). Scheduled overtime may be necessary to ensure adequate coverage on all shifts to meet production needs.

Can I work part-time with ELLWOOD?
While it is extremely rare, there are some part-time opportunities, depending on the role.

Professional Growth

Does ELLWOOD offer training for team members?
Yes! One of our interns said it best: “At ELLWOOD, there is a learn-it-all attitude, not a know-it-all attitude.” Team members are provided the tools and training they need for their job. This may include on-the-job, online, on- or off-site classroom training, or continued education.

How quickly can I move up in ELLWOOD?
Each ELLWOOD team member is encouraged to forge their own future within our company. Due to our lean structure, your career at ELLWOOD is likely to be highly individual and fluid, enabling you to move laterally as well as vertically—all while sharing opinions and ideas to help solve customer problems and develop innovative solutions.

Why should I choose ELLWOOD?
We believe you should choose ELLWOOD because with us, you can make a real impact from day one. From interns to top management, all our team members are directly involved in problem solving and continuous improvement.

Hiring Process

What positions does ELLWOOD offer?
You can start your job search off by visiting our Find Employment page .

How soon after I start the application process will I find out if I am being moved to the next step?
Due to the number of applications we receive, we cannot follow-up with every applicant individually. Please be assured that if your background matches what we are seeking, and you are selected for an interview, we will contact you.

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