Proud of Our

Since 1910, we have taken the long-term perspective.

ELLWOOD is a family company. We were founded in 1910 by David A. Evans and his brother, Jonathan A. Evans. All of the common stock remains in the hands of some 35 family members. David Evans Barensfeld, Chairman of the Board of Directors and controlling shareholder, was the fifth family member to hold the office of President and CEO. He occupied that post from 1983 until 2019, when he was succeeded by Bentraum D. Huffman.

ELLWOOD’s private status permits us to operate independently of short-term perspectives, while acting to maximize long-term values of product quality and customer service. This long-term orientation has, for decades, made us a preferred workplace for employees.

We want our people to have the best tools, so we reinvest profits constantly to buy newer, safer, more productive equipment. Our customers are the world’s leading manufacturers of capital equipment. As their specifications for our products become increasingly demanding, we require state-of-the-art equipment to deliver the highest quality metals and components. Our family of shareholders understands it is necessary to reinvest a majority of profits to fuel organic growth and acquisition, and our history of growth over more than 100 years is proof of our commitment. We know that our long term success depends on continued growth and adaptation, and we continue to invest in our people and our business with the future in mind.

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