Producing highly specialized parts to support a reliable power grid.

Generating Products for a Diverse Market

The world’s energy requirements demand a diverse mix of dependable power sources. ELLWOOD supports traditional energy producing customers specializing in natural gas, crude oil, coal, and nuclear power production as well as renewable resources customers in the wind, solar, and hydro power industries. Our vertically integrated process allows us to produce tailored material grades and highly engineered parts to support every market need.

A Partner in Sustainability
ELLWOOD produces essential components for wind, solar, and hydroelectric power generation. We also produce parts critical to energy storage, enabling more efficient power grid integration, and boosting the potential of renewables.

Powerful Product Solutions
Our power generation products come in a wide variety of grades, shapes, and sizes. Our product offerings include generator and steam rotors, compressor shafts and discs, and turbine shafts and wheels.

Transforming our Process
ELLWOOD continuously reinvests to meet worldwide demand for energy that is increasing every year. From automated process improvements to state-of-the-art quality controls, we continually develop new ways to meet our customers’ growing requirements.

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