The Right Tooling
for the Job

We strive to always have the right material available at the right time to best serve our customers.

High-Performance Materials - On Demand

Our extensive inventory of specialty tooling metals allows us to meet our customers’ critical delivery needs in the grades they require. As a fully integrated producer, we have the manufacturing agility to provide the highest quality materials on time, every time.

Plastic Mold Tool Steel

Many of the plastics we use every day are shaped by ELLWOOD’s mold steel. Our materials are highly engineered to withstand process injection pressures and are extremely wear resistant to abrasive plastic compounds.

Forging Die Steel
Forging grade steels are produced to exhibit strength and toughness to endure very difficult operating conditions. Our forging die steels can resist high temperatures while absorbing the tremendous forces of the forging process.

Hot Work Tool Steels
Our hot work tool steels are applied in a variety of processes including die casting, extrusion, and plastic molding and resist the effects of high temperatures while retaining the strength and toughness required for extended life.

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