A History of Ethical
Business Conduct

The hallmark of our reputation is respect for, and compliance with, domestic and foreign laws and regulations. ELLWOOD goes further as rules of ethics and business conduct guide us.

Ethical Business is our Only Business

ELLWOOD team members must achieve results in the right way, complying with all applicable laws and internal company standards and policies, including our company-wide Code of Ethical and Business Conduct. 

In an ever-expanding global economy, ELLWOOD’s core values must not only be implemented in our own workforce, but the basic human rights of people that may be impacted by the products and materials we purchase must be protected and maintained. As part of our core ethics philosophy, ELLWOOD maintains policies and procedures to ensure that legal and ethical conduct is followed in our business activities around the globe. Our long-term business success depends on constant vigilance in complying with these standards.

As a family business, ethical behavior and compliance are more than business matters. They are personal. We are committed to doing business the right way.

View our comprehensive Code of Ethical and Business Conduct here.

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