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The largest ingot mold foundry in North America.

About ELLWOOD Engineered Castings

Our wide range of capabilities, ability to work within short lead times, and reliable delivery have made us the North American leader in ingot molds. Our customers know that when they purchase an ELLWOOD mold, they can rest assured that we will deliver world-class quality and dependability to support their production. Our engineers utilize advanced 3D product design and solidification modeling while our pattern shop puts CNC routing to work assuring the highest quality patterns. Our entire team is fully engaged in our culture of continuous improvement and safety. We work together to constantly drive innovation to better our processes and products while ensuring a safe work environment for all.

Product &
Service Offerings

ELLWOOD Engineered Castings produces gray iron castings up to 160 tons in weight and ductile iron castings up to 80 tons in weight.

Our melt shop consists of three coreless induction furnaces, efficiently producing accurate iron chemistries to customer specifications. Our proprietary gray iron microstructure outperforms traditional mold microstructures while our ductile iron can meet the most demanding material properties. Our Six Sigma Black Belts lead the way on quality with our state-of-the-art testing capabilities. While molds for specialty steel and alloy ingot teeming are our core competency, we also produce stools, sprue plates, center runners, hot top castings, and slag pots for the steel industry.

To learn more about ELLWOOD Engineered Castings and its offerings, visit www.ellwoodengineeredcastings.com.

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