Where Careers are Built.

From performing crane maintenance to configuring robotic cells, manufacturing is a multi-faceted process that offers an extensive array of career opportunities. And as technology advances, those opportunities continue to grow.

Why Work in Manufacturing?

Manufacturing is critical to daily life the world over, offering opportunities to support the national and global economies, the daily lives of humans around the world, the men and women who defend our country and more. Every industry and market relies on manufactured products, including heavy metal components. From ships and aircraft to mining equipment and cranes, manufacturing is core to how the world works.

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The Cutting Edge

In the 21st century, manufacturing provides ample opportunities to stay on the cutting edge. Today, technologies such as robotic handling and processing, computer numeric controlled machining, automated coordinate measurement, and sophisticated 3D modeling software enable us to create products more precisely and more efficiently than ever before. This incredible progression of technology means that members of the ELLWOOD family get the unique opportunity to work with world-class tools and cutting-edge technology on a daily basis. When paired with the training and support they need to do it right, this enables our people to advance their skills, careers, and build brighter futures for themselves and their families.

Engaging. Collaborative. Safe.

World-class manufacturing work is a team effort. Everyday, ELLWOOD team members confront and solve unique challenges through collaboration, mentorship, and problem solving, leading to engaging workdays and varied experience. Meanwhile, we seek to ensure team member safety through hazard prevention and control, extensive training, and active employee involvement across the entire organization. When you do your part at ELLWOOD, you and your family can be confident that your health and safety are our first priority.

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