Every day, ELLWOOD team members are working together, learning from each other, and inspiring each other to a make real impact by making products that make the world go round.

Trust and Opportunity Run in the Family

At ELLWOOD, no matter where you are or what your role is, you get access to the support and tools you need to succeed.

Learn from experienced mentors. Work with world-class technology and technical teams. Watch great products go out the door to be used in locomotive engines, aircraft, ships, and more. Watch the videos below to hear about the ELLWOOD experience directly from our team members.

Jonathan Madkins

Jonathan Madkins, Automation Specialist, has become a better man for himself and his family by taking advantage of every opportunity for professional growth and challenging himself to advance into new roles.

Kendra Gagliano

See how Kendra Gagliano, a metallurgical engineer, has the freedom to take an idea and run with it to produce a range of products that make the world go around.

Kenny Suarez

Kenny Suarez, Finish/Heat Treat Supervisor, learned to lead by example by taking advantage of training and carefully observing leaders on his team.

Brian Schuster

Electrical supervisor Brian Schuster is using his unique background and skills to support critical operations throughout his shop, and also his growing family.

Barnell Jackson

See how Barnell Jackson, a grinder at ELLWOOD, gets the support she needs to do her job the right way - and with a smile.

Raymundo Ordoñez Olivares

Every day, Raymundo Ordoñez Olivares, PhD metallurgist, learns new things and puts world-class metallurgy into practice in production.

Fred Fox

Fred Fox, who started as a Marine Corps veteran with no machining experience, made the most of training and challenges to advance in his role.

Tyler Kasunich

Straight out of college, Tyler Kasunich, a manufacturing engineer, found purpose in the heavy metals industry.