Fueling the

ELLWOOD products are used in the most demanding drilling environments to produce natural gas and oil the world over.

The Highest Quality Components and Services for the Most Demanding Energy Applications

From gas wells in the shale regions of our country to offshore oil platforms, we help ensure that you have a warm home, gasoline for your car, and fuel for electricity generation. Our clean steelmaking capabilities and technologically advanced processes produce high quality forgings and components that keep energy workers safer and help wells operate more productively. Whether it’s our metallurgists pushing the boundaries of material durability in extreme environments to the most technically skilled welders applying the latest nickel cladding techniques to protect customers’ investments, ELLWOOD is constantly driving the oil and gas industry forward.

Hydraulic Pumping Components

ELLWOOD products include fluid end blocks, frac iron, and crankshafts used to improve the extraction and production of oil and natural gas that occurs during hydraulic fracturing by means of high pressure pumping equipment.

Drilling Rig Components
From drilling to completion, ELLWOOD products are instrumental in the safe and efficient operation of oil and gas wells. ELLWOOD parts are used for demanding and critical processes and include components for the top drive, drill bits, mud pumps, and valves.

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