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Every day, members of the ELLWOOD family are empowered to make a real difference in the world around them—all while getting the support they need to succeed.

Work Hard. Care Harder.

At ELLWOOD, hard work is what we do. Our sense of purpose is why we do it. It’s a philosophy that affects every aspect of daily life in our facilities.

Because we are making products that literally power progress around the world, it’s easy to feel engaged in our work. We know precisely why quality assurance is of utmost importance when we are forging what will become landing gear on a passenger jet. We know exactly why the tightest chemistry ranges in the industry are important to our customer, the United States Department of Defense. We know that the perfect lens quality surface of a car headlight depends on our process control when producing tooling steel, and what that means for the safety of our family and friends. Because we see our products put into action in critical applications around the world, we are motivated to work hard, and care harder.

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Career mobility is a key facet of the ELLWOOD experience. See where real ELLWOOD team members started, where they are now and how they got there.

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Every day, ELLWOOD team members are making a difference. Meet our family and see what they have to say about working here.

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ELLWOOD companies complement the dynamic work experience by supporting team members and their families with competitive compensation and benefits.

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Work hard. Care harder. It’s just how we do things. Is it also how you approach your work? Explore open positions across our 25-plus locations.

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