A Driving Force
in Manufacturing

The automobile and heavy truck markets count on our steel to withstand the most demanding tooling applications and to perform essential driving functions.

The Speed to Innovate

Supporting OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, ELLWOOD serves the automotive industry in many ways. From dashboards to taillights, our tool, mold, and die steel helps shape a wide variety of parts for the automotive industry. Through our integrated manufacturing process, we can quickly adapt to the industry’s ever-changing demands for both passenger vehicles and heavy trucks.

Tool, Die, and Mold Steel
As a leading North American supplier of tool, die, and mold steel, the parts shaped by ELLWOOD can be found in passenger vehicles on every road. Our specialized steel grades are engineered to withstand the most rigorous customer requirements.

In addition to steel, we supply a variety of aluminum alloy grades to help our automotive customers with prototype molds that offer greater machining flexibility and less weight.

Heavy Trucking
Through our refined manufacturing techniques, we serve the heavy trucking industry by providing a variety of critical parts such as suspension frames, idler arms, and various steering components.

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