ELLWOOD Aluminum is a worldwide large diameter aluminum ingot and billet, rectangular slab, and cast plate manufacturer. Producer of North America's largest aluminum slabs.

About ELLWOOD Aluminum

ELLWOOD Aluminum is a large diameter aluminum ingot and billet, rectangular slab, and cast plate manufacturer for customers worldwide. At our state-of-the-art facility in Hubbard, Ohio, we utilize Vertical Direct Chill casting technology and have a fully equipped lab. Our mission is to be a world-class supplier through our metallurgical expertise, cutting-edge technology, and by supplying aluminum ingots, billets, and slabs that others cannot. We deliver quality and reliability by partnering with our customers in industries such as automotive and aerospace. ELLWOOD Aluminum is committed to meeting and exceeding all your industry standards to ensure quality, safety, and on-time delivery

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ELLWOOD Aluminum produces a variety of alloys for applications from Aerospace to Automotive.

ELLWOOD Aluminum produces the largest aluminum ingots and billets in North America, as well as high-quality rectangular slabs and aluminum cast plates. With dedicated melting and holding furnaces, a casting pit capable of casting product to a length of 360 inches, and two 40-ton cranes, our facility has the capability to cast 2,000-, 5,000-, 6,000- and 7,000-series alloys. All steps within the casting process meet AS 9100 requirements which ensures that all customer specifications are met. Built on a foundation of a top-notch team of engineers and metallurgists focused on quality, customer support, and safety, our cast house is ready to support any need that the industry may have in a timely fashion.

To learn more about ELLWOOD Aluminum and our offerings, visit www.ellwoodaluminum.com

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