The Heart
of Industry

A history of providing parts to build the machinery at the center of industry.

Essential Industrial Machinery Products

ELLWOOD products are found in many industrial machines that manufacture steel, paper, food, and other vital products needed to support the growing needs of our economy. Our unique and widely varied capabilities and technical skills make ELLWOOD the top choice for industrial customers looking for high-quality products delivered reliably.

Fan Shafts
Fan shafts are just one of the unique products that ELLWOOD provides to the industrial machinery market. Our experienced and capable employees help our customers succeed by providing superior products that perform in tough environments.

Steel Production
Dependable ELLWOOD parts give our steel mill customers confidence that their uptime will be maximized. Crane components and heavy duty forged shafts used on the production line are just a few of our crucial parts that support this market.

Mechanical Presses
Integrated manufacturing ensures that forged crankshafts used in industrial equipment such as mechanical presses offer superior strength and maximum performance. ELLWOOD employees understand customers’ needs and produce products that surpass their expectations.

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