Working Better
by Working Together

From the beginning, we have worked as a true partner with our customers, our team members, and our communities to ensure integrity, welcome new ideas, and achieve shared success. As a family-owned business, working together comes naturally.

Our Mission & Commitment

As a family business for over 110 years, we carry our family values into our work. While all our business units operate autonomously, they share a common mission and commitment. 

Our Mission 

Our mission is to use our metallurgy know-how to provide critical materials and engineered solutions. 

Our Commitment 

We create superior value for our stakeholders—our customers, our team members, our community, and our shareholders. We commit: 

To our customers: To maintain our world-class performance standard. This means providing the best value to our customers over the long term. We further pledge to meet customer quality and delivery expectations, to devote the resources required for continuous product development and process improvement, and to work collaboratively with our customers to be long term partners and the supplier of choice. 

To our team members: To treat our team members with dignity and respect, to provide for ongoing education and training, to maintain a safe work environment, to provide opportunities for team members to use their talents in ways that contribute to their professional growth and to our continued success, and to promote the diversity and inclusion of all team members.

To our community: To maintain the highest ethical and business conduct standards, to be good environmental stewards going above and beyond our strict environmental responsibilities, and to encourage employer/team member participation in community activities. 

To our shareholders: To provide a superior return on shareholders’ equity compared to other heavy manufacturers in America; to continue focusing upon our core business of critical materials and engineered solutions; to maintain a long-term orientation that balances risk with rewards and sustainability; to continue to grow through entrepreneurial activity; and to maintain private ownership as it is in the best interests of our company, team members, and customers. 


Our ESG and Ethical and Business Conduct Responsibilities

In December 2021, the ELLWOOD Board of Directors formally adopted the following resolution:
The Board recognizes the critical importance of the Company’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) responsibilities, and resolves to support these elements of good stewardship. Therefore, the Board approves and adopts the ESG Responsibility and Code of Ethical and Business Conduct documents, and commits our Officers and Business Units to comply with these initiatives and foster an ESG-focused organizational culture.

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Health & Safety

Our team members are our most valuable asset. To support our family at work and their families at home, we view workplace safety as more than a priority; it is a value.

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Ethics & Business Conduct

ELLWOOD is committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethical and business conduct. Simply put, we do business the right way.

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Doing the Right Thing (ESG)

Asking “Is it profitable?” is not enough. For us, the question is, “Is it right?”

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