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Helping the world transform everyday elements into extraordinary solutions through the highest quality specialty metals and service.

About ELLWOOD Specialty Metals

ELLWOOD Specialty Metals is the leading distributor in Canada of tool steels and aluminum for plastic molds, die casting, and forging dies and other tooling applications. Every day, our team works with customers to help them solve their design and manufacturing problems and push the bar at their respective businesses. As a result, our steel and aluminum are used to make countless parts for automobiles, aircraft, and consumer products.

Our recipe for success? Putting the customer first and running our business in a manner that is consistent with our other core values of Accountability, Team Orientation, Integrity, Ongoing Improvement, and Safety. Whether it’s supplying steel to make advanced electric cars and aircraft or launching new products to help our customers solve unique problems, our team is committed to making a difference and delivering value.

Product &
Service Offerings

As an ELLWOOD company, ELLWOOD Specialty Metals is a fully integrated supplier.

ELLWOOD’s state of the art steelmaking, forging, heat treating, and machining equipment is used in completing the tool steel manufacturing process to ISO 9001 standards. We maintain the deepest inventory in the industry of our core grades giving us the ability to rapidly and reliably deliver a product.

Our steel products include mold steels, cold work tool steels, hot work tool steels, forging die steels, stainless grades, and heavy plate. We offer a wide portfolio of aluminum cast, rolled, forged, and extruded products that include 2000, 5000, 6000, and 7000 series grades.

To learn more about ELLWOOD Specialty Metals and its offerings, visit www.esm.elwd.com.

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