Forging the
Future of Flight

The leading aerospace producers in the world trust ELLWOOD’s components for some of the toughest jobs in the sky.

Taking our Products to New Heights

At ELLWOOD, our focus on continuous improvement in both our processes and capabilities allow us to meet the most demanding requirements of the aerospace industry. We understand that every part we produce is critical and that is what drives our unrelenting focus on quality, safety, and reliability.

Landing Gear
The extreme forces exerted on landing gears from the largest commercial passenger planes and the fastest military jets demand the absolute highest quality material. ELLWOOD steel is trusted to perform for every takeoff and landing.

Engine & Structural Components
We take pride knowing our parts must perform to the highest standards in the industry. Our rotating components are found in the most advanced aircraft engines in the world while our structural components, such as flap tracks, support safe and efficient flight.

Space Exploration
ELLWOOD is proud to produce forgings and clad components for space applications such as rocket engines and fueling systems for satellite launches, manned flights, and even missions to Mars.

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