Helping to Build
a Better World

The mining and construction industries power continued growth around the world. Our customers trust ELLWOOD for their most critical components.

Covering New Ground in Construction & Mining

ELLWOOD takes great pride in utilizing our extensive capabilities to forge, machine, and fabricate components used in major construction and mining projects. Our parts are found in massive mining equipment such as draglines, shovels, trucks, and excavators, as well as construction equipment such as hoists that move people, raw materials, and dirt. With over 100 years of experience coupled with our investments in the newest technology, our employees have the right tools to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Above and Below Ground
ELLWOOD offers products that go to work above and below ground. Our knowledgeable employees work with our customers to find the right solution for their unique mining projects.

ELLWOOD-Tough in Rugged Environments
When “long-lasting”and “tough” are part of our customers’ requests, ELLWOOD is the natural choice; we have the right equipment and the right people. Components such as large hoist shafts must be able to withstand heavy loads and repeated lifts in rugged conditions.

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