A Sea
of Opportunities

Above and below water, our customers rely on us for our technical expertise in marine applications.

Products that Anchor the Marine Industry

Whether we are making flywheels for a commercial marine application or propulsion shafting for enormous Naval ships, we take the same care and pride in producing a high-quality product for our customers. Because of the serious safety aspects of marine products, we use every resource and all of our knowledge and experience of our talented employees to ensure every component meets our customer’s critical specification requirements.

Gyro Stabilizers
ELLWOOD products are found in unique applications in every market. A forged flywheel is part of a gyro stabilizer, used to reduce the rocking motion of boats and cut down on sea sickness.

Ship Shafting

Commercial and Naval ship builders rely on ELLWOOD products and know-how to provide forged and intricately machined shafts that power large ships. We provide components for the most critical Naval programs using our 100 years of forging, machining and metallurgical experience.

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