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The experts in cladding and fabrication.

About C&J Technical Welding Solutions

By combining unmatched technical expertise with a relentless focus on problem solving for our customers, we are able to deliver market-leading welding, cladding, and post-weld heat treatment services to global equipment manufacturers and machine shops. Our focus on automation sets us apart from the competition, enabling unmatched production capability, speed, and quality while the deep experience of our technicians ensures flexibility and the confidence that we will deliver on our promises. In our industry, we know that speed is key so we ensure quick responses to customer needs and provide exceptional turnaround on fast track projects.

As an ELLWOOD company, we are able to bring to bear the metallurgical and technical knowledge and resources of a vertically integrated global leader to solve our customers’ problems. Simply put, C&J Technical Welding Solutions are the experts in welding and cladding.

Product &
Service Offerings

At C&J Technical Welding Solutions, we offer surface and pipe cladding, hardfacing, fabrication, heat treatment, and non-destructive testing.

Our products are used in demanding markets ranging from subsea and surface oil and gas, petrochemical and refining, military, mining, space exploration, forging die, and crankshaft industries. We take pride knowing that our quality welding expertise impacts critical subsea oil and gas parts subjected to highly corrosive working environments, critical aerospace propulsion parts, and ship shafting powering Naval vessels, to name just a few. These demanding applications require the highest quality and C&J delivers with an ISO 9001 quality assurance system, 100% traceability process, and customized training to exceed the standard ASME guidelines. C&J is recognized as the gold standard by every major OEM.

To learn more about C&J Technical Welding Solutions and its offerings, visit www.cjcladding.com.

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