A Trusted Ally
in Defense

At ELLWOOD, we take great pride knowing that the parts we produce help to keep the men and women of our nation’s military safe.

Quality When It Matters Most

We produce a wide variety of highly engineered components to support our military and allies in the harshest environments, whether flying high above at the speed of sound, traveling undetected beneath the surface of the oceans, or traversing the rugged terrain of the battlefield. Our unparalleled manufacturing process allows us to quickly adapt to meet the military’s advanced material needs.

Innovation comes standard at ELLWOOD. We support our nation’s military by producing cutting-edge munitions that give our troops an advantage in every circumstance.

Mission-Critical Materials
Material failure is not an option in battle. Our parts include tank breech components, helicopter rotor shafts, crankshafts, gun cannon housings and tubes, and aircraft carrier catapult launch components, all designed to adhere to the most demanding military specifications.

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