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$15,000 Metallurgy Scholarship 2018 – 2019 Winner Announced 

Devin Kane of Harmony, Pennsylvania is the winner of the twelfth annual ELLWOOD Group, Inc. Metallurgy Scholarship.  He is a senior at Penn State University.  Devin is majoring in Materials Science and Engineering and carries a 3.30 GPA.

Devin was selected as the recipient because he possesses a true interest and knowledge of the steel industry and has relevant intern experience in the steel industry.  Devin will intern at ELLWOOD Quality Steels this summer and will have the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to both our product and process improvement.

The scholarship will be presented to Devin by Marie Russo, ELLWOOD Director of HR, at Penn State University in March 2019.

ELLWOOD will also award scholarships to Ethan Blevins and Nathan Burrington, who were finalists for the scholarship.  Both Ethan and Nathan are attending Montana Tech of the University of Montana and are majoring in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering.   Ethan will also intern at ELLWOOD Quality Steels this summer.

All three students were provided with tours of ELLWOOD’s manufacturing facilities in New Castle, PA and had the opportunity to speak with several of the Company’s metallurgists, engineers and other representatives.

Our mission? To use our metallurgy know-how to provide critical engineered solutions. Why do we do it? Because we care about making an impact on the industries we serve. We care about our employees, their quality of life, and their safety. We care about providing the highest quality steel to produce our ingots, forgings, crankshafts, and more. At ELLWOOD, hard work is what we do. Our sense of purpose is why we do it.  Please visit our website to learn more:  www.ellwoodgroup.com.