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Ellwood Group, Inc. (EGI) Promotes John R. Paules to Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Effective March 1, 2015, EGI is pleased to announce the promotion of John R. Paules as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of ELLWOOD Group, Inc., reporting to the CEO of the company. Working in cooperation with EGI’s operating divisions, he will have responsibility to coordinate the development and deployment of EGI’s metallurgical “know how” across the company. This includes helping to make strategy for acquisitions and capital investments, conducting research and development, assisting in technical service to customers, and the recruiting and training of new and existing EGI metallurgists. Bjorn Gabrielsson, EGI Vice President of Steelmaking Technology, will continue to provide technical leadership of melting operations at ELLWOOD Quality Steels and ELLWOOD National Steel.

Currently, John has since 1997 been General Manager of ELLWOOD Materials Technology (EMT), where he is responsible for research and new product development efforts involving open die forgings, closed die forgings, and iron castings.

In his 17 years with EGI, John has contributed significantly to a wide array of metallurgical initiatives including development and commercialization of patented abrasion resistant alloy steels, design of large ingots and forging practices to produce open die forgings with superior internal quality, and alloy and process developments resulting in improved tool and die steels, crankshafts, and other forgings for critical applications.

Prior to joining EGI, John spent over 20 years with companies involved in steel-related technologies, including Berry Metal and Bethlehem Steel, with experience in production, quality control, research, and new product development.

John is active in a number of industry societies, including ASM, ASTM, AIST, and FIA. He is a former chairman of the Mechanical Working and Steel Processing Division of the Iron and Steel Society (now AIST), and is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Forging Industry Educational and Research Foundation of the Forging Industry Association (FIA).

John holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Metallurgy and Materials Science from Lehigh University. He is the author of over 20 technical papers, has presented at numerous international conferences, is a Registered Professional Engineer, and has been granted two U. S. Patents.

John and his wife, Cynthia, make their home in Cranberry Township, PA.