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ESS introduces ExELL ForgeDieTM – An Improved Forging Die Steel

ExELL ForgeDieTM has been developed by ELLWOOD Specialty Steel as a new forging die steel for hot forging applications. Using an economical low-alloy steel design, ExELL ForgeDieTM offers cost savings compared to conventional, higher alloyed die steels. The steel composition, microcleanliness and heat treatment have been optimized to provide: 1) resistance to softening at elevated temperatures, 2) resistance to thermal fatigue, 3) good impact toughness, 4) minimal anisotropy of mechanical properties, 5) hardenability in larger cross-sections, 6) good machinability, 7) weldability and 8) capability for flame or induction surface hardening. ExELL ForgeDieTM is available NOW from ESS’ extensive inventory of pre-hardened round bars and machined flats and blocks.