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Metallurgy Scholarship 2019

One Scholarship – Endless Opportunities

13thAnnual ELLWOOD Metallurgy Scholarship Announcement

ELLWOOD is proud to announce our Metallurgy Scholarship for college juniors pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Material Science with a concentration in metallurgy. The scholarship is awarded annually to deserving and talented metallurgical students who have a true interest in the heavy metals/steel industry, and specifically in ELLWOOD.

In addition to the $15,000 scholarship, the winner will also receive a paid internship at an ELLWOOD business unit during the summer of 2020. Plus, up to three $5,000 scholarships will be awarded to finalists who havea paid internship next summer at an ELLWOOD business unit.

Since its inception, ELLWOOD has awarded $300,000.00 to our metallurgy scholarship winners and finalists

Past winners and finalists who received the scholarship and are current ELLWOOD employees include:

Colin Galey – Case Western University – Metallurgy Manager ECF

Stephen Rooney – Alfred University – Metallurgical Engineer EMT

Kendra Gagliano – Penn State University – Metallurgical Engineer ECG

Rachel Lukas – University of Pittsburgh – Metallurgical Engineer ECF

Other past recipients attended Colorado School of Mines, Michigan Tech, University of Wisconsin at Madison, Michigan State University, and Montana Tech. All three of the past year’s finalists interned at ELLWOOD this summer.

Interested students should complete the application to submit along with the applicant packet, which must be received by ELLWOOD on or before October 21, 2019.

For more information about careers at ELLWOOD, visit our Careers page. Join the ELLWOOD family.

Marie Russo