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ENS Ladle Furnace Expansion Project

Author: Scott Gregory : 05/23/07Due to unexpected foundation problems resulting from soil degradation associated with an abnormally high water table, construction was delayed for several weeks on the ENS Ladle Furnace Project while additional structural piling wa... Read more

New open die forge press facility

Author: Kim Senchak : 05/15/07In late 2006, the EGI board of Directors approved a new open die forge press facility located adjacent to ELLWOOD Quality Steels in New Castle, PA.The shop will be equipped with a 4-post, 5,000 ton push down press manufactured by Dan... Read more

Ellwood Specialty Metals opens in Canada

Author: mf : 04/10/07(March 2006) ELLWOOD Specialty Steel (ESS) has opened a new Steel Service Center located in LaSalle, Ontario, to service the Canadian mold and tool and die industry. The new company, ELLWOOD Specialty Metals (ESM), carries a full range of fer... Read more

Ellwood Quality Steel sets records and prepares for increased production

Author: vb : 03/21/07(July 2006) In the second quarter of 2006, ELLWOOD Quality Steel (EQS) set a daily production record of 34 heats, a weekly record of 204 heats, and a monthly record of 836 heats. The annual ingot production is now estimated to exceed 400,000 ... Read more

Ellwood National Steel entering second phase of renovation

Ellwood National Steel entering second phase of renovation

Author: mf : 03/21/07(July 2006) At its recent June meeting, the Board of Directors of ELLWOOD Group, Inc. approved a project to install a ladle furnace at ELLWOOD National Steel (ENS) in Irvine, PA. The new equipment will complement the EAF and Tank Degassing un... Read more